Perdomo Designs - Tattoos, Chalk, and Jewelry Designs
lesley perdomo

Jewelry is always a special part of my life. Not only do I enjoy wearing it, but I love creating it as well. I have always collected beads throughout all my travels and gathered any special treasures found in vintage stores and estate sales. My coffee table was soon inundated with beads and became a creative factory where I would spend countless hours just creating away. Pretty soon, my friends started wearing some of my funky creations and I would love to hear people asking them where they got it from. Each piece I make is one of a kind and I hope people love wearing them as much as I love creating them.

I use semi-precious stones, crystal, quartz, cut glass, recycled bullet shells, pearls, shells, trinkets, & treasure. I'm also fascinated by the wonderful healing properties of various stones that I select or cross my path. I find it interesting that certain stones always attract our attention, whether its the color, feel, or clarity....It catches our attention for a reason!

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