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4th Annual Chalk Festival in Covina 2014

4th Annual Chalk Festival.
4th Annual Chalk Festival.
Getting started - got my space...
I had such a blast chalking it up with many members for the autism awareness group - This organization holds a special place in my heart- my sister introduced me and she accompanied me throughout the whole day. The only person missing was my nephew who has Aspergers - but he wasn't there for a great reason....He is away in college at UC Santa Cruz...making us all proud. So even though you weren't there Jimmy, this chalk piece is for you - you're becoming our Einstein while away in college. 
Jimmy! The best part, are you ready?! We got best in show! Woohoo!

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This kind of awareness program should really be promoted so that people will be able to know how important it is for us to protect those autism rights. Autistic people should be treated and not belittled. They are humans too and they need more attention and love. I have a friend of mine who has an autistic brother and I can totally see how hard it is for him sometimes to support the special needs of his little brother. However, despite of all the hardships, he was still able to make sure that he shows his love to him no matter what. And for me, that is what you call true love.

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